Science Central animation.

A new 24 acre science park was being developed in 2011 with an offering of 500,000 sq. ft. of commercial space, with 18 different building plots, including 8 residential development plots for family homes and apartment living, and needed a strong marketing video to help promote the vast space to a multi-tenant, collaborative environment.

Science Central (now renamed The Helix) is an innovation hub where investors, businesses, entrepreneurs, students, scientists and citizens collaborate to plan and develop solutions for tomorrow’s cities.

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We created a marketing video to help promote this fantastic development starting with key facts about our city and and the inevitable growth issues surrounding the area. Starting with detailed storyboards and a comprehensive script we captured the scale and complexity of this long term development with punchy stats and clear selling messages.

With a mix of 2D and 3D animation we fused styles to help break up the video into key sections that engages and controls attention enabling the full message to be understood.


Designing the development site was a challenge as we had no plans to work from other than the local street map and at this stage we had no architects vision of structure styles and placement, so we work tirelessly on building concepts and staging the set literally from the ground up.

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Described as a ‘living laboratory’ the 3D architecture perfectly reflects the dynamic and diverse community of sci-tech industries with high spec living and embracing public spaces.

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