OIL-X filtration system.

Working alongside Parker (Filtration) we helped them develop and market their advanced range of filtration components and systems and produced a full stack of printed and digital assets to demonstrate and sell filtration systems in a very competitive market.

The starting point was the development of the quick guide which explains the installation and set up of the OIL-X filters replacing an extremely bulky and not so easy to understand manual using iconography and as little copy as possible for multi-language use. We also managed to reduce the sheer amount of printed materials by 85% saving parker tens of thousands of pounds in print costs over the year. An accompanying digital User Guide for more in-depth data and information followed with a full 3D animation how-to on the whole process from start to finish.

Packaging has also been considered and how the customers experience the opening of the box through to the presentation of the quick guide.


Oil-X Image
Parker OIL-X Packaging Flat
Parker Packaging 2 Parker Packaging 3
Parker OIL-X Packaging
Parker Quick Guide 1
Parker Quick Guide 2
Parker Quick Guide 3
Parker Quick Guide 4
User Guide 1
User Guide 2
3D Stills
Technical Illustration
Parker Spare Parts