1st October 2018 / Opinions

HYPER takes off…and we’re over the moon.

After exactly one year since the day we started up (and what a year it’s been) we’ve now launched our new website and are cruising high, enjoying the buzz from working with great clients and super talented people. Although we’re only 1 year old as a business we benefit from a senior team of highly experienced professionals, with years of experience, who are at the top of their game, delivering the best from the very initial meeting throughout the project to after care and account management.

HYPER launches on the back of intense preparation, extensive experience and in depth knowledge of the creative marketing industry. We are focused on delivering what we do best: clear brand alignment with stunning informative content.

Our services include Brand, Infographics, Illustration, Digital / Web Design, 3D and Animation covering the needs of a brand or business looking to stand out from the crowd, grow market share, produce innovative marketing, increase engagement with current customers, and attract the desired target audience.

Our focus is very much informative content, so our creations and solutions will have your brand ethos at is very core. We are passionate about the importance of consistency across your brand and materials, and everything we produce both enhances and reflects your brand, as well as communicating the desired message.

Take a look around our portfolio, as we are very proud of our work and we’d love some feedback, so please get in touch if you have comments or questions, and add your details below if you wish to join our mailing list to be kept up to date on all things HYPER.

I just want to personally thank the following people for the support and partnership throughout the launch and for going beyond what was needed:

Isabel Cochrane, Michelle Ord, Chris Wood (Pixelwax), Mark Mac (Lowcost Parcels), Ross Cuthbert, Sharon Coull, Johnny Lee (Polar 44), Nina Walton (Walton Marketing), Alex Hill (Cambie + Co).

And our amazing clients who believed in us from the very start and continued their journey with HYPER:

Anthony Coxon/Jayne Cook (GCSEPod), (Ben Bennett (Luminous Group), Julie Nelson (Embleys Estate Agents), Graeme Parkins/Richard Bradley (Dyer Engineering), Tom Howett (Pepsico),David Sykes (Parker Hannifin), Chris Jones/Kirsty Dunn (The Naked Deli), Alan Scott (Communicator), Nigel Gadd/Deborah Gadd (Forty Winks), Karen Nelson (Calibre Secured Networks), Suzanne McKenna (Percy Hedley Foundation) you’re all an absolute pleasure to work with.

And on that note it’s back to work!

Many thanks and catch up soon.

Jason Cochrane

Jason Cochrane

Creative Director, HYPER